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Seasoned Loan Offerings

Assets in Freddie Mac seasoned loan offerings are comprised primarily of loans repurchased out of Freddie Mac's single-family guaranteed Participation Certificates (PCs), generally after a loan has become 120 days delinquent. These loans are typically retained in Freddie Mac's mortgage-related investments portfolio while servicers work with borrowers on loss mitigation, including loan modifications. A large volume of the distressed loans in the mortgage-related investments portfolio transition to performing status as a result of the loss mitigation activities of Freddie Mac and our legacy servicers. However, some of these loans remain non-performing despite these activities.

Our seasoned loan offerings, including sales and securitizations of re-performing loans and non-performing loans, provide Freddie Mac with an effective mechanism to manage and reduce the interest/credit risk associated with these loans.

Key goals of these transactions include:

  • Improve the liquidity for and reduce less liquid assets retained by Freddie Mac via economically sensible transactions
  • Provide flexibility to manage market and credit risk on these assets
  • Promote servicing that prioritizes non-foreclosure resolutions, including modifications
  • Consider impacts to borrowers, neighborhood stability and the market